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how it began

Hello there!

  I'm Georgia Gomme, the founder of Alma Rising Circle.

I don't know about you, but I've always been quite a spiritual person. As a young child I would see and speak with spirits, I was fascinated by Tarot cards, but most importantly I have always felt that I have a higher purpose here on earth, so when 2020 rolled around and I heard the term 'light worker' I felt instantly aligned with it, I wasn't sure how I would make my contribution to the collective, but I knew it would be a big one.

During my spiritual growth I was certified in Moonology with Yasmin Boland, and I very quickly I learned how to sync my daily life with the Moon and her cycles, and before I knew it I was living in alignment and manifesting everything in my vision board. Holding Moon ceremonies is something so close to my heart, and being able to share this wisdom is something I am motivated to do, because it is in our body and soul to live by the Moon.

  Which bring us to now, my path has led me to the creation of Alma Rising Circle, and focusing on honouring the Divine Feminine and the Womb. I myself have suffered from Womb trauma, through the holding and suppressing of emotions and desires, sexual abuse, and the traumatic birth of not only myself but my daughter.

My passion is to connect Women with their Divine Feminine nature, the one we have been conditioned to suppress and ignore. And to also give women he tools they need to understand, and live in harmony with their Divine bodies. 

My collection of circles and online membership will facilitate healing, spiritual growth and community, amongst soul many other things. While giving you the tools to channel the inner Goddess within you! I am excited to share my magic with the Okanagan and the World!

Feel Free to Contact Me:

Founder of business

2/4 Generator

♍︎ Virgo Sun☉

♒︎ Aquarius Moon☾

♎︎ Libra Rising↟   

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