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inside  the Wild Womb you will...

Awaken the innate power and sensuality in your Womb.

Channel the Divine Feminine, and expand your spiritual practice.

Learn about your Divine Body, and fall in love with yourself.

Connect. grow with, and support other like-hearted Goddesses!


Weekly Content

 Sacred Sisters Circle

Weekly Circle with Womb centred breathwork to release stuck low vibrational emotions and energy. And meditation, to connect with the Divine Feminine and awaken the power and sensuality in your Womb space. Other tools will also be used to help us achieve a bigger release and deeper connection.

Sacred Womb Circle

In this portion of the membership we will talk about tracking the hormonal cycle. This will help you better understand the changing needs your body has throughout the month:

spiritually, energetically, emotionally, physically and nutritionally. We will also do a community check-in, chat and womb meditation

Channel and Align Circle

In this Circle, you will experience a Chakra Balancing and,  utilizing Tarot and Oracle cards, along with intuitive mediumship, we will go over important things for the week ahead. This is a great time to ask any questions you may have, or just chat!

Exclusive Group

Online community where your can share, connect, support, and receive spiritual guidance. You can access this through the website, or App!

Cosmic Sisters Circles

These circles are held during New Moons, and Full Moons. We will be gathering to harness the power of the Cosmos to release and manifest, just as our ancestors did. In these Circles we will start with an energy reading, discuss the Lunation, and close with a meditation.

Bonus Content

-Goddess Circle at the start of every Zodiac season

-journal prompts


-and soul much more

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